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Organizational Determinants of Mental Health among Hospital Clinicians (10498 Views)
Nursing Leadership Models in Promoting and Improving Patient’s Safety Culture in Healthcare Facilities; A Systematic Review (8312 Views)
Hospital Services Quality from Patients’ viewpoint in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (6310 Views)
Evaluation of Integrated Health System Technology Acceptance among the users of Health Centers of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences; Iran (5143 Views)
Personal Skills and Organizational Skills; Time Management Among Managers of Zabol Medical Sciences University in 2015 (4995 Views)
Pathology of Organizational Training in Universities of Iran Medical Sciences based on McKinsey 7S Mode (4992 Views)
Nurses’ Perception of Evidence-Based Knowledge, Attitude and Practice: A Quantitative Study in Teaching Hospitals (4934 Views)
The Novel COVID-19 Infections in Iran: Management and Challenges (4771 Views)
Insurance Deductions in Patients’ Bills: A Case Study on Tamin Ejtemaei Insurance in Iran (4688 Views)
Proper Distribution of Specialist Physicians: A Strategy Towards Realizing Justice and Equity in Access to Health Care Services (4551 Views)
The Study of Factors Affecting the Job Performance of Nurses Working in Selected Teaching Hospitals in Tehran (4359 Views)
Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its Relationship with Psychological Capital: A Survey of Hospital Staffs (4325 Views)
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Tabriz Hospitals; Using the Pabon Lasso Model in a 5-Year Period (4245 Views)
Health Sector Evolution in Iran; A Short Review (4240 Views)
Differentiation of Out-of-Pocket Expenditures in Cancer Patients; A Case Study in the Cancer Institute of Iran (4229 Views)
Feasibility of Telemedicine Deployment in Major Public Hospitals: A Case Study in Yazd (4220 Views)
A New Costing System in Hospital Management: Time-Driven Activity Based Costing: A Narrative Review (3970 Views)
Identifying Executive Challenges of Performance-Based Payment from Medical and Educational Hospitals Administrators’ Perspective and Offering Solutions in Isfahan (2018) (3952 Views)
Waiting Time to Receive Healthcare Services and Factors Affecting It: Case Study in a University Hospital (3945 Views)
The Revision of the Health Benefits Package in current literature: A Concept Clarification (3942 Views)
Developing a Hospital Managerial Performance Assessment Tool in Iran (3919 Views)
Health Technology Assessment of Homeopathy in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: Comparison with Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (3916 Views)
Investigation of Inequality Trend in Distribution of Health Sector Resources in Iran during 2006, 2011 and 2016 Timelines Using Gini Coefficient (3901 Views)
Self-care Behaviors and Influential Factors among Nurses Working in the Hospitals of Tehran (3870 Views)
Shaping the Health and Foreign Policy Framework; Lessons Learned for Global Health Diplomacy in Iran  (3798 Views)
Moral Hazards in Providing Health Services: A Review of Studies (3777 Views)
Trade-off between Efficiency and Equity on the Rationing in Health Insurance System: the Burden on the Poor (3682 Views)
Socioeconomic Inequality in Health Care Utilization: A Study of Service Utilization in Yazd, Iran (3640 Views)
The Effect of Management Contract Implementation on Public Hospitals’ Performance: A Case Study in Iran (3634 Views)
Challenges of Health Technology Incubators in Iran: A Qualitative Study (3601 Views)
Identification of the Main Elements of Single Payer System; A Comparative Study (3599 Views)
Absolute Cost of Hernia Operation using Activity Based Costing (ABC) (3576 Views)
Efficiency Evaluation of University Hospitals In Bushehr Province before and after the Implementation of the Health System Development Plan (3556 Views)
Studying the Relationship Between Organizational Learning and Organizational Commitment of Staffs of Well-Being Organization in Yazd Province (3520 Views)
Effect of Human Resources Management on the Quality of Services Based on Hospital Accreditation (3518 Views)
Comparison of Hoteling Cost of Global Surgery with Real Cost in Isfahan Public Hospitals, 2012  (3509 Views)
Estimation of Iran’s Life Insurance Demand Function using Panel Data Method from 2006 to 2014 (3489 Views)
Effective Factors on Occupational Burnout among the Operating Room Staff in Teaching Hospitals affiliated with Isfahan Medical University: A qualitative content analysis (3448 Views)
Effect of Relationships’ Quality on Patients’ Loyalty in Selected State Hospitals  (3438 Views)
Estimating the Health Care Demand for Iran (3415 Views)
Performance Evaluation of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS) hospitals based on Pabon Lasso Model (3407 Views)
Evaluating the Performance of Isa Ibn Maryam Hospital, in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences based on quality management indicators with a 360 Degree feedback approach (3375 Views)
Role of Think Tanks and Policy Analysis Institutes in Policy Making Process (3362 Views)
Explaining Resource Allocation in Board of Trustees Hospitals: A Case Study of Afzalipour Medical Center in Kerman, Iran (3345 Views)
Evaluation of the Effect of Interventions on the Improvement of the Risk Management Process in Intensive Care Unit of Ziaee Hospital – Ardakan: Failure Mode Effects Analysis (3336 Views)
The Relationship between Nurses' Five Personality Traits and Organizational knowledge with their Job Performance in 2016 Case Study: A Trauma Hospital (3334 Views)
Patients’ Complaints and the Effective Factors in Medical and Educational Center of Shahid Bahonar Hospital of Kerman in 2015 (3328 Views)
Investigation of Informal Healthcare Payments after Health Transformation Plan: A Case Study in the Southeast of Iran (3320 Views)
Investigation of Challenges Ahead of in-service Training for Nurses in Educational Hospitals of Isfahan City in 2016: A Qualitative Study (3304 Views)
The Role of Health Literacy Promotion in Decreasing Vaginal Infection: A Message to Health Policy Makers (3304 Views)
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